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Conflict Resolution for a Win-Win Solution
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If you've ever been embroiled in an organizational conflict, you know the toll it takes on everybody involved—their nerves, health, and happiness. But you may not know the cost in dollars. Any conflict like this costs the organization two-and-a-half times the salary of each person involved, until the conflict is resolved. And this doesn't even include the costs when a conflict becomes a litigation.
At Communication Excellence Institute, we have developed a number of highly effective approaches for helping organizations deal with interpersonal and interdepartmental conflicts. Some focus on the dynamics of two individuals, others require group training, and still others are resolved by intervention in the actual workplace.

All Conflict Resolution projects are customized. They usually combine interviews with the individuals involved, interventions, executive coaching, group facilitation, and seminars specially designed for specific departments of your organization. As a result of this conflict-resolution process, people in your organization will:

  • Engage in open communication, often for the first time.
  • Resolve the interpersonal differences that temporarily paralyzed your organization.
  • Restore productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Learn the varieties of conflict resolution available to them in the future.
  • Identify their individual conflict-handling styles and how to make the most of them.

Spot potential areas of new conflict, especially in times of high change, and be prepared to address them.

Emerge stronger than ever, because a potentially explosive situation was addressed and resolved.

CEI facilitators bring to the conflict-resolution process many years of high-level leadership experience in the corporate world, health professions, and higher education. Some CEI team members are certified mediators with years of experience resolving complicated conflicts.  Knowledgeable in both the public and private sectors, they apply their knowledge of conflict, grounded in practice and current theory, to the challenges of today's organizations.

Outcomes of this process you can expect are better communication, greater creativity, and increased productivity throughout the organization. Let the experts at CEI transform conflict in your organization from a debilitating draining of energy into a productive force for achievement.

Because Conflict Resolution projects vary widely in scope and length, let us give you a good idea of the cost and time commitments you would need to make for a successful program. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

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