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One-On-One Testing and Coaching for Managers and Leaders in Business

When you reach a certain level of achievement in business, you realize that your future career development depends heavily on your ability to communicate.

How is your management style working for you? Are you communicating your vision and directions? How do you make decisions? With data? Gut feelings? Or a little of both? Do your people skills match your technical expertise? Are you comfortable speaking to any size audience—from a one-on-one interview to a convention of 2,000?

Communication Excellence Institute's Executive Communication Program™ gives you insight into your management and communication styles. You will learn about your leadership strengths and preferences and how to make the most of them. And it's all done one-on-one.

In three confidential 3-hour sessions with one of CEI's nationally recognized specialists in communication and management, you will:

  • Assess your leadership and communication styles through several respected testing instruments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™, and others.
  • Apply the results of these tests to actual challenges and issues you face in your organization — from interpersonal communication, to problem-solving, to business development, to career strategizing and interviewing.
  • Refine your skills in handling conflict, giving and taking criticism, and diplomatically moving others to action.
  • Build your personal credibility and charisma—at the conference table or behind the lectern—through videotaping and coaching on how to "think on your feet" and use verbal and nonverbal communication to your best advantage.
  • Increase your confidence and effectiveness in your present position and throughout your career.

In our three intensive sessions together, we get to know you as a person and as a professional—your talents, your challenges, and your goals. Together we design a program to help you meet the communication demands of your position and chart a course for your future.

Hundreds of managers have gone through this program and report that they have deepened their awareness of their personal style, improved their interactions with others on their teams, and increased their ability to communicate with impact. Many organizations have sent all their top executives as part of their management development programs. The uniform profiling of each manager helps teams benchmark communication practices and initiate culture change.

The fee for the Executive Communication Program™ is $2,950, which includes the three intensive sessions and ongoing communication support. After you've completed the program, any advice we can give you by phone, fax, or email is free. For more information, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

What do our clients say about CEI's Executive Communication Program™?

Dear Janet and Neal,

During one’s life, he is extremely fortunate if he comes across a person or two who will make a significant enough impact upon him to change the direction of his life. This mentor can change one’s entire life, giving him directional energy and renewed focus. In my life, I have been fortunate enough to have had a high school teacher that sparked an interest in me for business, and early in my career, a boss that taught me that I am limited only by the boundaries of my own dreams.

Janet and Neal, both of you and the CEI organization have become mentors on a global level to many of the management team at our company. The many hours each of us have spent, one-on-one, have not only helped us to understand the effectiveness and impact of our individual management styles, but has brought the entire management team closer together to operate in unison, with respect and appreciation for what each player brings to the game.

Not only have I personally gained from the CEI experience, the management team has gained and, equally important, our company has benefited tremendously. I believe that the common bond that the management team share in the CEI experience has given us two things 1) the tools to truly function as a team to where if one succeeds, we all succeed and 2) that because we are a team, we have very little office politics to detract us from our goals.

Janet and Neal, I know that I speak for all of your students (friends) at our company when I say THANK YOU for helping us to play our strengths and recognize our weaknesses to become better managers.

Marketing Director
International automotive captive finance corporation


Well thanks to you, Neal and Jan, you taught me to pay attention (big time) to the boss and never keep him waiting. I have taken that to heart and when the man calls, my shoes have a hard time staying up with my feet. You taught me to keep the boss informed…on everything. I do, and that has paid off handsomely with great results and many kudos. You taught me to communicate my thoughts, my problems with issues, and just the everyday things that go on with my job to my superiors, and I have. The result has been that I have been much more involved with every subject around, and I find myself being used in many cases as ‘the trouble-shooter’ service…get them what they need and do it fast, do it right. As a result, I am called upon by my bosses to quell the problems that other Purchasing people have created, in order to win back the customer and get the job done right…on time, within budget and exactly what was asked for. My boss told me just the other day, after he had to let go of another person while on probation, that when I came to the County, he was happy that I hit the ground running and he never had to worry about me. Ya know, Jan and Neal…you brought that to me! I am in your debt for that.

You gave me my confidence back, my career on track again, and a life that works better for me. Thank you, from the heart, thank you.

County Purchasing Manager


I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the customized, personal executive training. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and candor were a welcome change from the canned group management trainings I’ve attended through the years. The evaluations and exercises provided me with invaluable insight into my personal and leadership styles… Insight that will allow me to grow and succeed.

I believe every manager could benefit from personal sessions like these. Likewise, I realize it would be valuable to several other members of my staff.

Manager, Corporate Communications
Medical instrument manufacturer


We have continued to send our managers to you because you get results. Every person who has been out to your institute has come back determined to put their new communication skills immediately into practice. I am pleased to report that changes you stimulated over a year ago are still holding.

When I went through the Executive Communication Program, I learned a great deal about the effects of my own communication patterns, and your advice has helped me smooth out the relationships with my executive teams.

Keep up the good work!

General Manager
Wholesale floral company


I am overwhelmed with your knowledge and your ability to cause effective change in people and their workgroups.

I have especially enjoyed my twenty some private hours with you. As a result, my confidence level and “presence” in front of a group is remarkably improved.

Corporate Site Facilities Manager
International technology corporation


Though my session at CEI ended two months ago, I still find myself at a loss for words to convey sincere appreciation and joy in what I took away from meeting all of you. In writing these words, the warmth and glow of the experience is as fresh as the initial experience.

I smile openly when I recall the numerous times when I learned something new about myself, and how I fit into the scheme of the world around me. The coaching, mentoring, and tutoring I came away with manifests itself many times a day – in many circumstances and for many different reasons. It has proven invaluable towards renewed efforts to navigate through what we all like to call “Life” – for life is much more than a profession or a paycheck. CEI’s courses offer so much more than tools for the work environment. Whenever I’m down or find myself searching for the inspiration to deal with an issue, I remember to look within myself. The answer is there – and always has been.

I think I could fill a page on all the benefits and reasons why someone should attend a course at CEI. If I had to sum up the entire experience, I’d choose to offer a recommendation instead:

‘You’ll Receive in Volume what you Decide to Bring with You’

I came to CEI with a totally open mind. No presumptions or preconceptions. Determined to open up and look deep into myself, I walked through the doors expecting to receive a good session and some valuable techniques. I left CEI with an outstanding experience and powerful insight into not only my personality but those around me as well. I can’t imagine this experience would be different for any other.

A Heartfelt Thank You – and I can’t wait to Come Back!

Operations Manager
Large California building maintenance firm


Thank you for the excellent instructions and encouragement you provided to me. I have used the valuable tools and it has paid off in a tremendous way.

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Large insurance broker


I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience. Your hospitality and knowledge were beyond what I expected. It was quite an experience for me. I learned about myself, my management skills, my relationships with others, and speaking more clearly. My energy level is higher and I am happier.

I have never been in a class or seminar with two professionals working with me one on one. I enjoyed every moment that I spent with you. This experience will not only benefit me, but the people that work with me.

General Manager
Private country club


I would like to thank you for the individual coaching I have received in developing my leadership skills. Had I not taken the one-on-one Executive Communication Program, I would have never become the Managing Director of the west coast practice.

Managing Director
West Coast national capital management firm


I want to thank you and congratulate you for the wonderful service that you have provided to the employees working within my department. Your counseling and suggestions have been very helpful in providing tools that our staff will use for the rest of their professional careers.

Your recent work with one of our management staff was very significant, providing him with a whole new internal and external communication process. The four sessions spent with you organization resulted in an improved quality of communications with both subordinates and superiors. Additionally, your suggestions have resulted in increased personal productivity for this manager as well as his staff.

Vice President, Dealer Affairs
Large automotive corporation


Not a day passes that I don’t think about the things you taught me.

You taught me how important and valuable effective communication is. I wish all of our people could go through your program.

I wanted to tell you both how much I appreciated and have benefited from our time together. Not many people have been honest enough with me to tell me what I didn’t want to hear. I am working hard to improve myself and appreciate that you felt that there was hope. In any case, thanks! It really has helped.

Moulding & manufacturing company


Thank you for your candor and patience in our last session. I have a lot of confidence in your ability to assess my weaknesses and provide constructive criticism. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable during the process. I enjoy the relationship we are building and am thankful you shared the “needs polish” observation with me.

Manager, Transaction Processing
International automotive finance corporation


I would like to share with both of you how much I enjoyed the learning experience with you at CEI. I have come away from your program with some perspectives on communication and management style that I would previously never have considered. I can honestly say that some of the self awareness you helped create for me will be used immediately in my day to day interactions. Just as honestly, I have to admit others will take time to develop, but the fact that I am aware of them accomplished the first step.

Thank you both again for the experience.

Senior Manager, Consumer Communications
International automotive finance corporation


You are truly a remarkable team and you possess such insight, knowledge, and experience that any individual professionally and/or personally would benefit greatly by your executive one-on-one sessions. I highly recommend your services.

Assistant Administrator of Marketing and Planning
Retirement community in California


Thank you both for the insight on how to make my life more enjoyable through better communications. Knowing what things to improve on and how is magnitude to the process.

It was very enjoyable working with the two of you. The following observations impressed me a great deal.

  1. Your impeccable accumulation of knowledge.
  2. Your never-ending enthusiasm and optimism.
  3. Your ability to sift through a mountain of information and utilize the important stuff.
  4. Your ability to make people feel of value.

Wholesale floral company


Having each of the senior managers go through your Executive Communication Program before the team-building was one of the best decisions we made. Not only did the one-on-one experience give each of us remarkable insight into our communication styles, but it gave us a unique perspective on the communication needs of our team as a whole.

General Manager
Large national paper goods manufacturer


We thank you and your staff for the excellent job in preparing our client to present the facts of his case in the most favorable light. The tips imparted by you and your staff to our client during the two evening sessions were invaluable and improved our client’s ability to deliver the facts by at least one hundred percent.

Law firm


The lessons I learned from you helped me become a better manager, father and person. In every aspect of my life, I have stopped to ask myself, “How would Neal and Janet want me to say this?” before I opened my mouth. I can’t tell you how many times you have saved me!

As you look back on what you have done, you can add a mark in the plus column for your success in helping me. I wouldn’t be where I am, or probably quite who I am, without the lessons you taught me. You made a big difference in my life and for that, I thank you!

Regional sales company


I am writing to let you know how much of a positive impact you had on me, both personally and professionally. Everyone here who has gone through your program expresses the same feeling.

The part I like the most is the way you individualize the program to each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, since both of you participate during the entire program and focus your full attention on only one person, the impact and results are incredible and long lasting.

Branch Administrator
Wholesale floral company

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