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Management Development Program™*
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Helping Skilled Professionals Become Accomplished Managers

Good managers are hard to find. But there are many skilled and dedicated employees who can become good managers if given the chance to develop new skills and knowledge. And there are many good managers who can be outstanding by refining their interpersonal abilities.

The Management Development Program™ is designed for professionals moving into management roles for the first time, and for managers desiring to polish their skills in effective leadership, motivation, and communication.

Inspired by on-campus experiential learning programs in executive development, the Management Development Program™ is an intensive ten-session (50-hour total) certificated course in management theory and practice. The curriculum is customized for each organization, and the instruction is brought in-house to provide immediate practical application of the principles taught in the sessions. Participants in the Management Development Program™ will gain:

  • An understanding of their own management style.
  • Stronger leadership skills.
  • Greater ability to motivate others.
  • Growing awareness of current management trends and ideas.
  • Skill in team-building.
  • A commitment to a Customer Service culture.
  • Powerful techniques for solving "people" problems.
  • Increased personal productivity.
  • Ability to delegate and follow up.
  • Enhanced poise and self-confidence.
  • Improved responsiveness to customers, both internal and external.
  • Techniques for opening up lines of communication

All Management Development Program™ faculty are distinguished educators in management and communication. All hold advanced degrees in their fields. As Associates of Communication Excellence Institute, they all share a rare blend of academic achievement and practical experience. Each session is lively and informative, drawing heavily on the professional knowledge and experience of the participants.

The Management Development Program™ conforms to the Principles of Good Practice in Continuing Education recognized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. Communication Excellence Institute is authorized to award five hours of college or university credit (in the form of Continuing Education Units or CEUs), as well as a Certificate of Completion, to participants upon completion of the Program.

The fee for the Management Development Program™ is $40,000, plus the cost of any copyrighted instruments used, for up to 15 participants. This includes all instruction, workbooks, CEU registration, and Certificates of Completion. Additional participants beyond 15 are $2,000 each up to a maximum of 20.

The Curriculum

The Role of the Manager

  • The Manager's Job
  • Finding Your Place in the System
  • Coping with Factors Affecting Management
  • The Delegation Process

Your Managerial Profile

  • Your Myers-Briggs™ and DiSC™ Profiles
  • Capitalizing on Your Personal Strengths
  • Building on the Strengths of Others
  • Secrets of Influence

Managing Personal Productivity

  • Managing Time and Stress
  • Taking Charge: Personal Project Management
  • Productivity Tools Every Manager Should Use
  • Keys to Employee Motivation

Managerial Writing

  • The Role of Writing in Management
  • Cutting down on Wordinesss and Jargon
  • Creating a Positive Tone
  • Making the Most of E-Mail

Managerial Presentations: Selling Your Ideas

  • Coping with Organizational Realities
  • Building Your Personal Credibility
  • Using Visual Tools to Persuade
  • Tips for Improved Managerial Presentations

Managerial Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

  • Higher-Order Thinking Skills for Solving Problems
  • New Ways of Looking at Old Problems
  • Your Personal Problem-Solving Style
  • Getting Better Ideas from Your Employees

Managing in a Customer Service Culture

  • Building a Spirit of Customer Service
  • Defining Your Customers-External and Internal
  • Identifying Your Customer Service Style
  • Coaching Employees for Improved Customer Service

Managing Problem Employees

  • Typical Problem Employees
  • Coping with Difficult Behaviors
  • Negotiating Individual Accountability
  • Supporting Professional Growth

Managing Teams and Team Communication

  • When is a group a Team?
  • A Credo for Effective Teams
  • Rules of the Road for Team Communication
  • Building Accountability Among Team Members

The Manager as Leader

  • A Quick Look at Business Policy/Strategy
  • Identifying Your Leadership Style
  • Mentoring Your Employees
  • Charting Your Managerial Career

* All Management Development Programs™ are customized for each organization. This is a typical curriculum, although some organizations have substituted topics such as Employee Motivation and Quality Management. For MDP certification, the program must include a minimum of ten 5-hour sessions. Companies wishing to focus on specific organizational issues may add more sessions to the basic program. Additional sessions beyond the ten core seminars are $4,000 each. For more information on CEI's Management Development Program™, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

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