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As managers and leaders, we all look to our own professional associations, companies, and institutions to provide us with lively, topical programs that contribute to our professional development.

Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer, nationally acclaimed professional presenters, speak as a couple on a wide variety of communication topics—from motivating others to building personal "presence." Their signature presentation is called "BEYOND WORDS: Building Your Personal Credibility Through Nonverbal Communication." The names Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer are well known to associations and other organizations looking for keynote and break-out session presentations.

When you book Jan and Neal, you get award-winning speakers without the added expense of Speakers’ Bureau fees.

To see a video of the Palmers speaking, just scroll down to the VIDEO CLIP and click their photo...

Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer
Founders of
Communication Excellence Institute
and Award-Winning Speakers

The Palmers are certified Vistage
(formerly TEC International) speakers on
Personal/Professional Development


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The Palmers’ most popular speeches…

BEYOND WORDS: Building Your Personal Credibility Through Nonverbal Communication

What makes one person instantly able to get his or her ideas accepted, while others are bypassed? What do some people do to make their statements more believable? How do leaders get us to have confidence in them? The answer is: by harnessing the power of nonverbal communication. In this speech, the Palmers share ideas and techniques with your audience that professionals can use to stand, gesture, and reach out to others nonverbally for greater impact and persuasiveness one-on-one and in front of any size group.

Protecting the "Crown Jewel" of Your Case: Upgrading Witness Credibility Through Nonverbal Communication

All trial attorneys know that a witness's demeanor can make or break their case. So they often start by advising them "Put your best foot forward and be as believable a witness as possible." Well meaning advice, except for one thing. It leaves your client asking "How?" In this informative talk, the Palmers draw on the latest research in nonverbal communication to share 15 quick ways a witness can stay "in the moment" and boost their personal credibility and likeability in a trial or deposition. You'll leave with specific behaviors—impactful gestures, strong vocal projection, engaged posture—to share with your clients so they'll make the most credible impression possible.

BEYOND WORDS for Attorneys: Building Your Professional Credibility Through Nonverbal Communication

What makes some attorneys able to get their arguments accepted by judges and juries, while others fall flat? Why are some legal professionals more believable than others? How do smart lawyers gain their clients’ confidence? The answer is…by harnessing the power of nonverbal communication! People in your professional life are far more influenced—positively or negatively—by how you communicate nonverbally than by the words you say. In this presentation, Dr. Janet Larsen Palmer and Dr. Neal Larsen Palmer, principals of Communication Excellence Institute and nationally known specialists on the power of  nonverbal communication in the legal profession, share practical techniques you can use to stand, gesture, and reach out to others nonverbally for greater impact and persuasiveness. You’ll be excited to try out everything you learn in this highly interactive presentation.

Do's and Don'ts of Body Language for Women Attorneys

As a female attorney, you’ve likely admired more seasoned women lawyers and looked up to them as role models. How do these successful law professionals inspire such respect, credibility, and admiration? A big part of the answer is how they manage their body language and their overall image as attorneys with outstanding track records.

In this eye-opening presentation, Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer of Communication Excellence Institute share crucial insights on the role nonverbal behaviors play in making or breaking a woman attorney’s ability to be taken seriously. You’ll learn the “do’s and don’ts” of posture and how it affects your impact, whether you’re standing or sitting. You’ll discover which gestures and facial expressions build your credibility, and which ones are immediate “power-robbers.” Finally, you’ll get the latest research on appropriate dress and how to manage your image through your professional photo and your presence on the Internet. All the tips apply specifically to women, are easy to put into practice immediately, and make a huge difference in the way you are perceived. After this talk, you’ll KNOW, not guess, about the impact you’re making—in person and on your firm’s website.

Reading People Between Their "Lines"

For centuries, people have been trying to find reliable ways to “read” others—sales prospects, job candidates, trial witnesses—and anyone else they’re trying to evaluate. In this intriguing and informative talk, the Palmers explore how subtle nonverbal “tells” reveal another person’s level of comfort and honesty. Through PowerPoint images and demonstrations of gestures and expressions like mouth- and eye-covering, feet twitching, barriers, and pacifying gestures, your audience will leave with new techniques for observing and “sizing up” others.

Building Your Personal Credibility in Professional Interviews

If you’re looking for a job, or just a career move, nothing could be more important that tuning up your interviewing skills, especially in this economy. You’ve probably been “out of the game” for a long time. By now, you’ve spiffed up your resume, prepared for the tough questions, even upgraded your wardrobe. Have you checked out your body language also (it’s 93% of your impact in an interview)? If not, the Palmers will give you a crash course in nonverbal communication, especially in those decisive first 3-½ minutes of the interview. You’ll learn the secrets of standing, sitting, gesturing, using facial expressions and eye contact, even shaking hands. You’ll go into your next interview armed with the confidence that you’re ready for the 21st century professional interview.

How to Keep Both Feet on the Ground and Out of Your Mouth

In this speech, your group will learn how professional speakers build credibility and rapport with their audiences—how they greet an audience, stand, gesture, use eye contact, and speak. Your audience members will learn how not to “shoot themselves in the foot” and how to handle stage fright. They will leave with the assurance that they can speak in front of any audience, large or small, with confidence and credibility.

HERDING FROGS: Getting Cooperation From Your Colleagues

In all organizations today, but especially in volunteer organizations, cooperation among co-workers—administrators, technical professionals, and staff—has never been more critical. In this lively talk, the Palmers focus on the six kinds of power every professional can draw on to influence and motivate others toward positive achievement. In a fun way, the Palmers will acquaint your audience with "toady" behaviors to avoid and positive ones to use to "leap-frog" toward gaining better cooperation from their colleagues.

Delivering World-Class Customer Service

It's been said that it can take years to develop a customer and only a second to lose one. In this speech, the Palmers present the latest techniques for gaining and retaining customer loyalty. They share their wealth of customer service (or non-service) "war stories" to show your audience members the do's and don'ts when dealing with their customers. They will leave your audience charged up to deliver "customer delight."

About the Palmers…

Delivering all their speeches together, Drs. Janet and Neal Palmer bring a combined 60 years' experience in the field of communication, management, and public speaking, always with high energy and solid content. Because every one of their speeches is customized to their audiences, they make each speech absolutely relevant to your group—in length and in content. With the added bonus of a customized handout for every speech, your audience members will walk away with practical tips and techniques they can put to work right away.

All the Palmers' speeches are based on solid research in communication theory and practice, and involve audiences in interactive, entertaining, "hands-on" experiences. The Palmers get audiences laughing and learning through interesting stories drawn from their extensive experience working with managers and employees in higher education, health care, business, law, professional associations, and government.

The typical honorarium for the Palmers' speeches ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 depending on audience size and length of the speech. For more information on how to book the Palmers for your event, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

What Do Our Clients Say About Our Speeches?

Organizations that have sponsored the Palmers comment that their audiences loved the presentation because it was dynamic, informative, and fun. Consistently the Palmers receive comments like…

  • "We brought the Palmers in to keynote our annual conference, and they were a smash hit. During their speech on personal credibility, our members were laughing and taking furious notes on their handouts. They really got our meeting off to a great start."
  • "Another great program! We thank you for sharing your expertise on protecting our crown jewel - witness credibility - through nonverbal communication. I think our lawyers were fully engaged and learned a lot. I am hoping they used the 15 points to consider their own credibility in their interactions with clients, opposing counsel and judges (and maybe even their own partners and associates!). You both were excellent: interesting content and entertaining to boot. My deponents and witnesses could really use the credibility skills. As I get ready for some depositions over the coming months, I’ll be telling my clients about you."
  • "Having two speakers together instead of only one made a huge difference at our meeting. Jan and Neal have very distinct styles which made for a lot of variety and really kept our attention. And they compliment each other so well!"
  • "This is the third time I've heard the Palmers speak. They have a wide range of topics that keep your interest and give you very useful information. I wouldn't miss anything the Palmers do!"
  • "The best speakers we've ever had!"
  • "They really are a dynamic duo!"
  • "I've never learned so much and had so much fun in one evening."


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